Grand Cayman is known for its amazing wall and reef diving. People from all over the world visit the small island to escape their hectic schedules and relax on this easily accessible Caribbean Island. Cayman is known for its incredible wall dives. It's quite incredible to venture over the edge and hover above the abyss. Most divers, though, never venture past 100’ (30m), but this was not the case for some Trimix students on our most recent trip to Grand Cayman. Since Grand Cayman has these incredible, sheer walls that drop down to 6000' or more, and since there is support for technical diving on the island (mixed gases, doubles, and deco bottles, etc.) what better place could there be for a Trimix class?!
It all began with an intensive training schedule here at Submerged in Rockville, Maryland. The students spent many hours practicing the basic skills required for the upcoming dives to 250’ (75m) like bottle passing, bottle rotation, and stage switching to name a few. Once we were all on the island, the critical skills (failures training) dives began. These dives were conducted on various mini walls around the island. One great aspect of Grand Cayman is the easy access shore diving allow you to spend lots of time at many different sites around the island. So they weren't rushed to keep up with a boat schedule.
A particularly awesome shore diving site happened to be right out front of the condos at which we were staying - Coconut Bay Condos in West Bay, just north of Seven Mile Beach. The marine life on the main wall was spectacular and was home to a number of sea turtles and huge green moray eels. During every dive we had sea turtles swimming all around us, almost guiding us around the reef. Yes, all of this on training dives so imagine what the experience dives were like…
To round out the week, multiple experience dives were conducted on the deep wall observing the sponge belt at an average depth of roughly 220’ (65m) to 250’ (75m). Your first thought might be, “Sponges, why do I want to see those?” This region of the wall was some of the most interesting reef/wall diving we have ever done. The marine life was extremely healthy and the sponges were HUGE! You might be thinking that the sponges were boring shapes or colors but we were astonished with the diverse colors and growth patterns these sponges had. One very interesting sponge almost looked like a Christmas tree. This area of the wall was truly unique and worth the trip. One awesome factor that was truly appreciated was that all of the decompression was conducted around the reef which gave us something to look at besides just the blue abyss and your team.

All of the hard work paid off as we all had a great trip and some amazing dives.
Bill during deco at "Sand Chute," near the wreck of the Kittiwake.
Congratulations to Bill for completing his Trimix 2 course.
To view other photos from this trip or past trips, visit the Photo Gallery.


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