Seriously. We don't want to sell you some THING. You must think we're crazy since Submerged is a store and stores always want to sell stuff. Well, we do like selling stuff, but not when "stuff" is sought out as a solution to a training problem.

Have you ever said to yourself “I want to improve my personal diving skills but I don’t want to get into technical diving or become an instructor, I really just want to be a better at diving.” Or maybe your thoughts are, "I kind of enjoy diving, but I don't feel in control and I'm moving around so much that I scare everything away or I'm using up so much of my gas supply that my dives are short and I'm labeled an "air hog."

Don’t worry, numerous people in the diving community are in the same position you are. Divers like yourself are constantly trying to find the “thing” that is going to get them better personal skills. Divers often look towards gadgets to fix or enhance personal skills (better buoyancy control being at the top of the list of skills they want to improve.)

Spend enough money on dive gear trying to solve a problem and
you'll soon become wary of the next scuba salesperson because the last 5 gizmos didn't work. At some point divers revert to the advice that some instructor along the way provided: "Achieving good buoyancy control takes time. It takes practice. Just keep diving and it'll get better." The problem with this so-called strategy is that divers don't know where to start, what to practice, or how to practice, and they have no method for getting feedback. Or sometimes they think they have to just take another class and they'll "get it." Next thing you know, they're divemasters or instructors themselves and they're still trying to figure things out. (That in itself petrifies me, but it's a topic for another day.)

The solution to developing better diving skills and habits is to get better dive training, not more dive training. It's not your fault that your first breaths off a scuba regulator were done kneeling on the bottom of the pool, and that very little emphasis (if any at all) was put on proper weighting, balance, trim, and propulsion. It's not your fault at all. But you can certainly do something about it! Get an Extreme Scuba Makeover! The Extreme Scuba Makeover program was designed for divers of ALL levels from ANY training agency with ANY amount of experience (we've even taught this to instructors).

We'll strip you down to the basics - and down to your bathing suit - and start where you should have started all along: with a thorough understanding of neutral buoyancy, balance, and proper trim. You won't even be in scuba gear for the first part of the class as we develop your buoyancy skills. You will NEVER again be on your knees in scuba gear. We'll teach you how to use energy efficient propulsion techniques, and how to position yourself effortlessly (even kick backwards). You will learn how to weight yourself properly so that buoyancy control is easy. You will leave the Extreme Scuba Makeover with the right knowledge and the tools needed to really make a difference in your diving experiences.

If you are ready to develop the diving skills you have been desiring all along, then sign up for an Extreme Scuba Makeover. Call 301-881-2831, email or come by the store!
Some common questions:
Q: Do I need any special gear?
A: No. Bring what you currently dive with. Just please no split fins. If you don't own gear, we will outfit you with gear for the class. If you own gear, but want to try some of ours, that's fine too!

Q: Are there any open water dives?
A: No. Just classroom and pool. The class is done in a single day. There is a video program that you will review at home prior to the class and pool training so you have a preview of what we will be doing, and you have a reference for future use.


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